Hearing Eye Magazine

Our own informative and lively magazine, called Hearing Eye, is published quarterly and is free of charge. It contains news about people, Open Ears and other events, articles (both light-hearted or more serious) contributed by our readers, as well as Christian teaching. There are also reports, descriptions of audio equipment and other articles of special interest to those with impaired hearing.

Hearing Eye needs your contributions

Have you ever thought of submitting something to go into Hearing Eye?  We all have different ways of experiencing life and expressing ourselves.  It would be lovely to hear the things that move you or some of your life experiences, or how your hearing loss affects you.  Just believe that what you say matters and may be just what the magazine needs.  Have you enjoyed an Open Ears break?  Have you been moved by someone’s kindness or the beauty of creation?  Are you going through a difficult time?  Sharing such stories, poems, anecdotes and tips will make Hearing Eye a much richer magazine.

As you know Hearing Eye goes out quarterly so there are plenty of opportunities for you.  See the dates below when we’ll need to receive your contributions by and then post or email them to Open Ears See the contact details below). We’re really looking forward to hearing from you.

Hearing Eye is published in February, May, August and November each year.  Please could you send your contributions to arrive by the following dates:

For the February edition – 24th January 

For the May edition – 24th April

For the August edition – 24th July

For the November edition – 24th October

Click on the links below to download in PDF format.