Do you ever get that feeling that something is just too hard to contemplate doing?  It feels like what may be simple for someone else is the equivalent of climbing Mount Everest to you?  I sense today that God wants to encourage us all through a simple word that He spoke in my heart recently, ‘You can do it!’

What an encouragement, ‘You can do it’ says our loving Heavenly Father, cheering us on every time we feel like giving up or when we are struggling to start at all.  ‘You can do it!’  In whichever way we need that encouragement, He is there offering it to us today.  Maybe it’s the thought of coping one more day under the present restrictions?  Maybe it’s the thought of starting to go out again after weeks of being inside?  Maybe if you have a hearing loss the thought of managing to connect with people on different levels seems overwhelming? I’ve often really had to gear myself up over a number of days to attend something like a wedding or funeral because I’m so conscious of the struggle I will have to connect with others there.  I find its easy to slip into a ‘I don’t match up’ mindset when feeling overwhelmed but God looks at us differently with joy in His heart as He sees us overcoming emotional, physical or mental hurdles that may be invisible to everyone else but which He is fully aware of.

You may have seen that the post prior to this was a video of the UK Dance Blessing’ which was released on Friday 5 June?  I am actually taking part in it in an extremely fleeting way – you see me at the very end when the screen is full of different dancers, second row up, fourth from left in a yellow top!  It’s a huge privilege to be part of it but for me it truly was a mountain to tackle and accomplish.  You may know that I work with singer/songwriter Marilyn Baker and in her concerts I sometimes do simple mime/dances to her songs and it was on that basis that I was asked if I would like to take part in the UK Blessing Dance. But the difference was that when I dance to Marilyn’s songs I choose ones that I used to be able to hear a bit. But I couldn’t hear the UK Blessing at all and had no idea of the words, tempo or timing.  It seemed impossible, added to the fact that because of lockdown no one would be able to come and help me take the video (Marilyn is blind so she couldn’t help with that.) So I wasn’t even going to try but I suddenly heard God whispering in my heart, ‘You can do it!’ I almost laughed as it seemed so unlikely that I could but I knew His voice and so I began to try.  To cut a long story short, I did it!  Marilyn helped me a great deal by singing it very loudly over and over so I could try and get the feel and tempo of the song and understand the timings. And thanks to a blind friend of Marilyn’s I managed to learn how to use the Ipad video! My dance is jerky and I’m sure out of time compared to the ‘pro’ dancers and I’m only in it fleetingly, but the key is, I did it, through my wonderful God who first encouraged me, ‘you can do it,’ then gave me a motive: ‘do it to represent all those who feel they can’t or who have weaknesses,’ then gave me the strength and confidence to try and keep trying till something came together.

What are you facing today? Are you feeling overwhelmed? The same God who encouraged the fearful Gideon to take action against the Midianites (Judges 6) is standing with you today.  He loves you.  He believes in you.  He is there to give you strength, confidence, peace and joy as you take the needed steps. He may be the only one to see what hurdles you have to overcome, but He DOES see and is so proud of you.

‘You can do it’ He says.