In my prison


One of my prisons is deafness
The constant roar and muddle of unknown sound.
The label of stupid, the fear of being deficient;
The lack of belonging, of feeling accepted.
The walls of my prison are confusion and shame
The chains restrict me from being me.
I would love to sing, to dance, to socialise without restraint, to know my words are apt.
To move from subject to subject without fear.
To live without the constant sense of feeling a fool.
But I am deaf and bar a miracle that prison door will never open, it is part of who I am.

But yet you are here with me and I hear your whisper. As I see you, the prison walls fade away and your joy banishes my fear.  You lift me up and I can dance and sing and know that even if my words miss the mark, that they will still be valid, because you have made me valid, you rejoice over ne and say I am  a channel of your love.  You lift me up and I hear your whisper.  In you I am not limited or a fool.  I am filled with your glory light and my words have heavenly weight.  Your word shatters my prison of deafness, for while I am still deaf yet you make me free.

What the Lord whispered to me is what He loves to whisper to us all, so please do take this message into your own hearts and enjoy His great love for you.