Several years ago, after making a lemon meringue pie, I decided just for fun to plant the lemon pips to see if they would grow.  Much to my surprise a few weeks later one tiny shoot popped its head out of the soil, obviously liked the look of the world above the darkness underground, and started to grow.  Over the next few years it continued to grow until it became too large for my kitchen windowsill so I put it in a larger pot in our back porch where it grew to be almost six feet tall.  Unfortunately in March this year I became ill and the poor lemon tree was completely forgotten about.   Two months later I finally went out to the back porch and found the tree had died, all the leaves had either fallen off or were shrivelled and dry.  I felt really sad but left it for another 3 or 4 weeks when, much to my absolute amazement, I saw one small leaf, half shrivelled up and half green, and wondered if there might still be a tiny flicker of life left in it. I cut down the trunk above the leaf, gave it good soaking and left it, not really expecting it to survive, but within just a few days it was covered in tiny green buds and is now growing vigorously!

Sometimes we can feel like that poor lemon tree when we are struggling, trying to cope with many difficult things, and there seems to be no light at the end of the tunnel and we feel like giving up.  It is then that we can turn to the Lord who loves us so much that he wants to give us life in all its fullness! He never leaves us, in him we can find new life, renewal and hope for better things to come.