You may remember from January’s edition of Hearing Eye that we invited Open Ears members to join us for a special additional Open Ears break at the Spring Harvest Festival in Harrogate.

Some did take up the invitation and thanks to Julia Chapman who organised and booked the adjacent Crowne Plaza Hotel as our group accommodation and negotiated a special room for us to dine in privately, we had a wonderful time.

About 7 of us went from Open Ears plus a couple of others who came as overnight visitors.  There were also about 6 who came from Torch Trust for the Blind including 3 guide dogs!  It was lovely for us all to be together and to get to know one another and to have fun out and about in lovely Harrogate too including a scrummy visit to Betty’s tea rooms for several in the group.

The teaching in the mornings was by pastor and writer Malcolm Duncan and was extremely searching.   Based on Jesus’ teaching in the Gospels he brought alive our awesome privilege to pray and live lives wholly committed to the Lord.  Throughout the day there was a whole range of workshops, teaching sessions, music events, fun and searching moments.  It was lovely to be part of a group and have our special needs taken care of so beautifully.

Tracy Williamson