It’s never too late to learn a new skill!


They’ve given me this iPad now I’m ninety-one

Saying, “Come along now Granddad, it will give you lots of fun”.

I’m finding out what it can do by trying this and that

And a friend I have has helped me when she’s popped into my flat.


I’ve found that chappie Google. He tells me lots of things

And all I buy on Amazon to my front door he brings.

I now can send out emails instead of letters in the post.

They reach my friends so quickly at very little cost.


I order all my food on line for free delivery.

To have this brought right to my door is such a help to me.

My iPad gives me games to play and many books to read.

With all this happening, for me time flies by at top speed


My iPad is a camera but I’ve yet to try this out.

I’ll take it outside later when nobody’s about.

My latest joy is joining Zoom. It’s like a meeting on my screen

And it’s a lovely way of finding out how everybody’s been.

And we chat away as it once had been

Before COVID lockdown came on the scene.


So you can tell how my iPad plays

A significant part in my life these days.

“Yes, Granddad, you’re having lots of fun.

A new pattern for life now you’re ninety-one”.