About Open Ears

Open Ears’ full colour information leaflet:  Please click on the link above

‘OPEN EARS’ is a  UK based Christian Charitable Organisation providing fellowship for people who have impaired hearing, and anyone else who is sympathetic to their special needs. Our main ministry is to deafened people, and we welcome people from all denominations and background who use hearing aids, cochlear implants, lip reading and other forms of communication support. We provide STT (speech to text) and loop systems at all our events and, whenever possible, we provide British Sign Language interpreters for BSL users.

Realising that Christians with impaired hearing miss out to some extent in their own churches, Open Ears aims to provide the following:

Additional fellowship and Bible teaching at a residential event each year
Pastoral care and prayer support via e-mails and, occasionally, home visits
• Our “Hearing Eye” magazine
• Our website
• An Open Ears Facebook Page and Group
Information about deafness for churches and other Christian groups

However, we encourage our members to be as involved as they possibly can be in their own local churches and fellowships.


‘Open Ears’ was founded (as the Hard of Hearing Christian Fellowship – HHCF) by a group of concerned Christians in London in 1974. The first Fellowship Weekend was held in 1977, and a national weekend or holiday has taken place every year since then.


We regularly organise Fellowship Days and Weekends for hard-of-hearing and deaf people, at different locations around the country, and also have the occasional longer holiday. Additionally, there are a number of local groups in various places, which organise their own meetings and events.

Our residential events take place every year, either as a weekend away or a Monday to Friday break. The events are held at lovely hotels and Christian centres in different parts of the country, to encourage as many people to come as possible. These events are fully accessible to all those with a hearing loss, with induction loop, speech-to-text and British Sign Language facilities provided.  Personal sharing or prayer times are also very much part of our breaks.


Care and support are provided to people known to Open Ears.  Although we are unable to provide in-depth care and counselling, support via emails and letters is available and we hope, in the future, to be able to arrange home visits from members of our pastoral team.

We hope that, as more people join our social media groups, such as Facebook, we will be able to share ideas and offer general support on our Open Ears Page and Group.


Our own informative and lively magazine, called ‘Hearing Eye’, is published quarterly and is free of charge. It contains news about people, ‘Open Ears’ and other events, articles written by readers (both light-hearted or more serious), as well as Christian teaching. There are also reports, descriptions of audio equipment and other articles of special interest to those with impaired hearing.  We are always interested in any comments, contributions and feedback from readers.

If you would like to receive a copy of ‘Hearing Eye’, please contact us with your details and a request for the magazine.

Phone: 07396 236214 (voice & text)          Email: openearsministry


We provide information about hearing loss to churches and other Christian groups, and offer advice to church leaders about the problems faced in churches by hard of hearing and deafened people.  Information leaflets are available for Church Leaders, including one on induction loop systems.  We also advise on suitable equipment such as induction loop systems. 

If you would like to make use of these services, please contact us.

Phone: 07396 236214 (voice & text)          Email:  openearsministry


Open Ears can sometimes arrange illustrated talks and equipment demonstrations at schools, training colleges, PCCs
and church-based groups, and for ministers and others who are concerned to meet the needs of members of their own congregations with impaired hearing.

About ‘Open Ears’, please email us at openearsministry, or you may phone us 07396 236214 (voice & text) or write to our Administrator (Christine Pitts).