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I’ve been guiding them for years now, the radiance of my glory lighting their paths along countless miles and across many borders. Wise men of warring nations, they’ve travelled together with harmonious urgency since I whispered an unfathomable dream to follow the star to seek a King, the newborn King of the Jews.
It was I who kindled the fire within them, the longing in every man’s heart to find something greater, the treasure beyond all treasures, the hope that will be fulfilled. Barely understanding they listened, allowing my message to transform them.

Giving up everything they knew, they followed me, the star of light, knowing not where I would lead them or how long the journey would take. They put themselves in my hands, these men of great human wisdom. Some even call them kings and indeed they are, so lofty is their desire to understand this universe. It was that hint of inner yearning that I sought out as I whispered, ‘Follow me, follow the star and I will lead you to the holy one, the king of kings yet born to a virgin. Bring your gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh.’

How I love them and long for them to see the wonderful truth unfolding before their eyes. But with all their years of study they understand so little. They think their own knowledge has shown them the meaning of the star. They don’t understand that only through God can they hear God. No study or human power can ever open that door into the heavenly realm. Yet it is into that very realm that they and all mankind are to be welcomed back. O the glory of the plans of God who never stops loving His children even when they reject Him.
They are exhilarated by my glory which ever draws them forward, but still believe that I am a just a star. I so long for that day when they embrace the truth and kneel in worship and wonder.

What a desperately long journey it has been, through vast stretches of desert, stumbling over the barren rocks and dry sinking sand. Hungry, thirsty and constantly facing death from marauding gangs, wild animals and dangerous storms. Daily I cover them with the glory of my protection and they keep their eyes on me as I burn with my beautiful guiding light. Yet I am so much more than what they see, for is not Bright Morning Star my true name?

Do they ever consider that if a star were to step out of its place in the cosmos and travel before them in this way, the whole balance of the universe would be destroyed? Right from the beginning we set everything in its place and the tiniest atom affects the tallest mountain; the ant changes the life of the elephant. They need to look deeper, to behold the wondrous mystery that God has hidden His glory in the form of this star, just as surely as He has hidden His very life in that of a human child. They see glimpses of the truth as my light shatters the darkness before them. But they have no idea yet that I am the living manifestation of His glory, the glory He willingly forfeited in His all consuming love for them. I with Him, am the Light of the world, the whisper of the Eternal.
How awesome was that moment when He, clothed in glory, filling the heavens like an inexhaustible fire, allowed Himself to become a helpless baby within a virgin’s womb. I did not leave Him then, how could I, for we were part of one another? But I too had to change, so I hid myself inside the folds of His mother’s care, the whisper of maternal joy, the touch of her hand and the glory of divine love that would soon be poured out on all mankind. I became the sunrise, the dawning of hope for something greater, the budding of the first flowers of spring, the pure birdsong, the tender awakening of love, the glimpses of heaven in the hearts of man, the bright morning star.

They feared I had gone when the radiant light they had followed for so long disappeared and the sky became dark. How afraid they were, feeling bereft, but never can I Ieave them for they are the chosen forerunners of the coming glory when every knee will bow before Him.

So I did not depart as they feared, but I had to leave just awhile for that awesome reunion; melted into the tiniest space for the most incredible of miracles. O holy moment. The Lord of Eternity birthed to a virgin, in a stable with the animals watching by. I unleashed myself then and played in the heavens with the angels, revelling in the shepherds awe and wonder, the fire of my glory flowing from within the stable, flames of joy touching the earth as Heaven worshipped.

And now today my mission is fulfilled as at last they enter the house where He is, the Holy. They are here and I descend and cover them with my living shekinah glory, for I am no longer hidden inside a star but am now a fire given to the heart of every man, woman and child who believes. From the eyes of the Christ Child Jesus Immanuel, I gaze and sing, as overwhelmed with my gift of holy love joy they bow in worship.

Tracy Williamson is an author and speaker working with the Christian Ministry MBM Trust. Tracy has written several books on hearing God’s voice and inner transformation. Her latest book ‘The Father’s Kiss’ has just been published by Authentic Media

Author (c) Tracy Williamson
Taken from ‘Merry Christmas Everyone – A Festive Feast of Stories, Poems and Reflections’
Published by christianwriters.org.uk Oct 2018